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DSL with ISP, matters?


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Ok if i switch to DSl and i use a bad isp like AOL for example (that lags after 30 minutes has pass for 56K), will I get bad ping with DSL? and will I lag after 30 minutes with DSL?
1. DSL will have better ping than 56k.
2. DSL will not lag after some amount of time. 56k shouldn't either.
3. Don't use AOL.


Look. if you haven't figured out that AOL is evil yet. You were either just born. Or You were asleep (hibernating). AOL IS EVIL!!!!

Reasons why AOL is evil:

1. It stands for Ameria Online. Um america isnt online. Millions of people dont have pc's let alone internet access.
2. AOL is so slow my granny in england downloads faster from japan than AOL would download the same program from its own Headquaters.
3. Ping? Its not even covered in their online help thingy. So they ovbiously arent familliar with this thing we call "PING"
4. "You've got mail!" Is very possibly the most annoying sound on this earth or possibly even galaxy. I would prefer to hear JANICE from friends drone all day rather that have to hear that damn clip ever again.
5. The Interface sucks.
6. The email sucks.
7. The Instant messenger sucks.
8. IN GENERAL AOL SUCKS. OK? Thats just the way it is!:cool:


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How the F do I cancel my AOL account spend hella time on it, I feel like switching back to my old Earthlinkaccount! So how do i cancel my account on AOL?


Originally posted by _DM_
How the F do I cancel my AOL account spend hella time on it, I feel like switching back to my old Earthlinkaccount! So how do i cancel my account on AOL?
I'm going to be very realistic so don't take this as a joke or anything. Canceling AOL is by far the HARDEST thing to do in the internet industry. As a matter of fact, AOL is still undergoing their lawsuit behind it. What happens is that when you cancel AOL, they continue to bill your card and claim that you never cancelled your account. Here is what I would do:

Call AOL and tell them you wish to cancel your service. Request that they fax you a copy of your cancellation request (while still on the line with them). After you have cancelled your service and receive the fax, type a letter to your credit card company and include a copy of the fax. Either mail it to them via certified or first class mail or fax it directly to them. This way, the credit card company will know you have cancelled the service and a stop payment will be issued.


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Hey wait I got AOL for free no charge i got the 1000 Hours Free thing, so they dont chrage me! But do I still need to call them if i want to cancel, cause they dont charge.


No. You must still call AOL and tell them that you wish to cancel your account. Do the steps I recommend because in order to get the free hours, you had to provide a credit card. If you do not cancel, once your free hours are up (or free days), they will automatically bill your card. Uninstalling AOL WILL NOT CANCEL SERVICES!

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