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some time ago my dsl download speed has increased from 64kB/sec to 94kB/sec. sometimes when i'm downloading stuff, i'm using DU meter to monitor speed,i get that 94kB/sec speed. but then i start playing some games, civ3 for example, and my download speed increases to 114kB/sec. i've noticed that because my DU meter is set to be always on top. so i'd like to know why does that increase in speed happen?


but this seems not to be on some rare occasions, i've checked now. if i'm just downloading and listening music+bworsing the net then my dl is about 93kB/sec, but as soon as i start playing a game, it goes to 113kb/sec and is going stable at that speed, but even if i alt tab out of game and not do anything in there for even 1 min, speed goes back to 90. i ofcource like the 20kb/sec increse in speed, but i cant be playing all the time, so if i knew what it was in the game that making speed go up, i'd try something else to boost the speed


speed is only as good as the server can send it...that cood be part of it, and also...
mine fluctuates too...its got sumthing to do with the filtering system in the phone lines, but...i get anywhere from 95kbps to 350kbps...and on very rare ocassions i can hit 500kbps

anyways...there's your answer


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One idea is that the game you are playing take up most of the computer's resources. This could cause DU Meter to show incorrect speed values (higher than they should be).


Originally posted by Zedric
One idea is that the game you are playing take up most of the computer's resources. This could cause DU Meter to show incorrect speed values (higher than they should be).
i have thought of that too, but i've even tryed to clock download speed my self, (getting lots of 15mb files from aol). usually it takes me about 4 min to finish one file, but while i'm playing it's down to 2-3 min per file. i have no idea why it does that. because if i'm not playing the game it doesnt go above rare 96kb/sec.
also to make it clear in contract for dsl i originaly had 64kb/sec download speed, but about 2-3 month now it's changed to 94kb/sec it's not flactuating, it's my usual speed now, plus i pay same amount of money as before. but those 94kb/sec to 114 increase i dont understand.


Your DSL provider might be running you on a g.mnt DSL standard rather than the common g.lite standard. Under g.mnt, your bandwidth allocation is constant regardless of what you do. This means that playing online games or such, your bandwidth level drops. Since your bandwidth is constant, your remaining bandwidth plus the additional bandwidth you get to keep you level constant takes you above the limit.

It's almost how DOCSIS cable works, except for with cable, all download speeds are constant so you can download 20+ files (if you have the RAM :)) all at the same high speed.


all those test show that my download speed is about 80kb/sec +- 5kb/sec. sometimes even less then that.


yea i use that dsl reports sometimes. it gives me closer to reality estimation of about 90kb/sec.

also i have done some more experimenting with my computer.
if i just set files to download max that i can get is 94kb/sec speed, but if i try and start loading cpu to about 80%-90% of capasity my download speed increases to 110kb/sec. so as i found out it's not because of games but when the cpu actually gets overloaded. i'm just wondering how does that help to increase the download speed? and it's not just my monitor program gives me false measurements, the files do get downloaded faster.

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