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Hey, I purchased an 8-port Ethernet hub, to share my Telocity DSL between my two computers. Both computers are running XP, and when I route the DSL into the hub, with the two computer connected, one will get the DSL, and the other one does not. Could have something to do with the Static IP? Secondly, I cant get the two computer to share files, even with the internet unplugged it doesnt work. I have also tried Crossover cables between the two, and no luck. Maybe I am setting them up. so if someone could help, I would appreciate it.Thanx in advance.


I've had this sort of thing happen on a couple of cases i've handled. I don't know if this applies, but log into your router and turn off IP forwarding. that might be causing this issue. as for the home network, install NWLink on both of them and it should link them up like NetBeui used to in 9x. Just make sure the workgroup is the same.


Networking troubles...

where can I get NWLINK? is it part of winxp? I am sorry, I know about computers, but am sorta new to networking. How do I log into my router?


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Don't use IPX/SPX. You only need it if you log onto Novell Netware servers.

Are you using a plain old hub or a Cable/DSL router?



Too Cheap...

No, I didn't get a router, because I heard it could be done with a standard Ethernet HUB. Did I hear wrong? Routers are way more expensive than a HUB is.


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OK then, you need to obtain a 2nd public IP from your ISP and use it on the other computer. These usually cost additional $$$ per month.



A router will take the 1 IP that your ISP provides and assign two private IPs. then they can both have access. a hub does not work like that, it splits your internet connection so that both computers are trying to get on with basically the same credentials. unless your ISP lets you have more than 1 IP address, this will not work. you can, however, buy another NIC and install it in one of your computers (so one computer has two NICS) then run one to the INET connection, and the other to a hub (8 ports is not necessary obviously) and out to the other machine. Assign manually a private IP address to both the computer with one NIC and the NIC connected to the hub in the main computer. (eg.... and get yourself an easy proxy program like Analog X's ProxyI <http://www.analogx.com> and set it up that way. not only will both have Internet access, but assuming file and printer sharing is enabled and they are on the same workgroup, you will be able to see eachother.


Hi all,

I am thinking of networking a XP desktop to a WinME notebook using phoneline (I don't want to drill any holes in my walls). I am wondering if I too will be experiencing the same problems with Internet sharing as TrIpWiRe31337? Doesn't XP come with an Internet sharing program?

Thanx in advance
Spunky, get two NIC's for your gateway and you'll be able to use ICS no problem.
Tripwire, Have you run the network setup wizard on both machines, are they both part of the same workgroup? Your setup should work fine. I have the same setup - 1 nic in each box, NIC's to hub, hub to DSL modem. (make sure you're not plugging into the "uplink" on the hub, that requires a crossover for stacking hubs, or for running a gateway box).

Just in case, call your ISP and verify that you can have as many ip's assigned as your home network wants, you shouldn't have a problem but i can't say for positive.

What you'll do is split available bandwidth between the two machines is all. You can also return the hub and put 2 nic's in one box, 1 nic in the other box and use ICS on the dual nic, gateway box. The only reason i don't care for this particular setup is because the Gateway has to be running to access the internet on the attached client(s).

Right now, you have all you need to setup your home network at least, even if both can't get separate ip's.

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