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DSL Requirements


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I just got my new bill for my cable,dsl, phone. It's ABSURD!

I don't use the land line, I don't even have a phone connected to it. I'd cancel it if I could, but the telco says I HAVE to have the land line to have DSL. They say its not their requirement, its the feds. I read a bit online and if I'm reading correctly, a land line is NOT required. At least by the feds. Anyone know if this is true? If it is, what can I do? Complain to the FCC? This is a very small town telco and I'm sure they can't/won't do anything about little old me and I don't have any other options for internet.

God I wish I could get cable net.


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it's also called dry-line here in the states too.. also Naked DSL.. etc.. etc.. but not every Telco will provide it although most of the major ILEC (AT&T/Qwest/Verizon/etc) have some flavor of it even if they don't advertise it very much and therefore some of the DSL providers that resell the ILEC's lines also offer it.

As mentioned, it generally costs a bit more if it is available but it can be worth it if you're not paying the extra line charge.


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Thank you all for the info. I'll call them tomorrow and find out. If they don't offer it I'm going to pester them on their fiber to the home plans.

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If you have no success with getting naked DSL try getting the phone bill lowered. There is a federal law that specifies low cost basic phone service. It is around $20 but then all the fees and taxes still get tacked on. Unbundle long distance and anything else they may misleadingly imply must be attached.

The key to controling cost is to bundle services in most markets. Phone-mobile-DSL-TV. Unfortunately it sounds like you have no full service providers in your area. I dropped my teleo bill $75 when I bundled 3 services.

You could go Direct TV for internet and TV. In many markets they are cheaper than Cable/DSL. Be advised satellite internet does not support gaming and they ar eup to a 2 year contract now.


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My crappy phone company doesn't offer naked DSL. The only other 2 that I can find are an extremely basic service (256k) and Qwest. Qwest looks great, but I've heard bad things about their service. Doesn't really matter since, of course, they don't support my area. I'm already on a bundled service, the only way I could save any money would be drop DVR or HD services but if I do that I might as well drop cable all together since I never watch stuff as it airs. I'm always 2-3 weeks behind and watching it at 3am on the DVR. I REALLY hate small towns!

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