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DSL or not to DSL

Well, it's been real and it's been slow - but the time has come that internet will no longer be free for me.
I've been looking into DSL. Cable is not available in my area yet.
Seems the major player, and cheapest, is DirectTV. I think there are some others available in my area. My questions are: Does anyone have experience with this company or this type of service? Any other recommendations?
have 2 friends that both have direct, seems to work well for both of them. one has a static ip i have my email/web server on...... had a couple drop problems but after a firmware upgrade been good since.
i have verizon, was alittle cheaper in my area as part of a package and suits my needs for now but ip is not static. but works very well also
Thanks, I though it was better to have a dynamic IP as opposed to static - like dial-up..........no?
Also will I have a phone bill on top of the monthly ISP bill?

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