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DSL only file sharing



i know of many file sharing programs, but not of specific dsl only if thats indeed what you are looking for.


nope...but dare i ask why u want DSL only?

(winmx let's you sort by conxion speed...try that)

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well, becuse as mutch as I like Kazza it is realy hard to find new games and stuff (for reserch only, I do not use warez programs) and it can take ages to download rare stuff.


DSL Only?

The beauty of Kazaa and other similar P2P apps is that, even though it may take a couple of days to get the complete file, it will keep trying until you tell it to stop. No matter what P2P you use people are going to disconnect you, connections get reset and so forth. If you have DSL, it shouldn't matter, have it find more sources. If you're on a dial up...welll get a faster connection if you plan to try and d/l large files. If it is something very difficult to find, message the person and see if you can arrange something with them. As far as a "DSL Only" file sharing utility....write one and I'm sure you can make money off it, but other than that I've never heard of any such thing. But then the question arises... why would you want DSL only when there are faster and more reliable connections to be made thru Cable, T1 etc.? You may also want to consider alternate resources for your "research" such as IRC. :D

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