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dsl networking with a hub..please help



well, first off i apologize because this doesn't deal with xp but if somebody would be kind enough to help, it would be utterly appreciated.

Just started Bellsouth DSL on a Windows 2000 machine, runs great. My roomate has a Windows 98 machine, and we wish to network the dsl to her. The problem arises with our limited supply of parts and our limited knowledge on how to succesfully network with these parts :) I know the easy way is to get a router or even to just buy another NIC, but i would like to know if its possible and how its possible to share the DSL with just
the dsl modem
the hub
and a NIC on each computer

thanks for any help!!!!!
Unless your provider offers more then one IP address for your connection the hub isn't very useful, you would need a router.

What you can do is put 2 nics in your windows XP computer one nic connects to the modem, other connects to the other computer via a crossover cable. then just use Internet Connection Sharing and you should be good to go :)


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Indeed, I agree...

You will need a router or a switch to connect both pc's to the net, just a hub won't do...

However, you allready have a hub, so wouldn't recommend using the crossover cable, and use the hub instead. The you can easily expand you home network.

You will need to buy a second NIC and connect it to the modem. The use the ICS wizard like Qumahlin said, or assign IP adresses manually.

A NIC isn't that expensive, so it remains a low cost solution compared to buying a switch/router.




Thanks for your suggestions....believe it or not that is what I thought, but the friend I was hooking the DSL network up for said he had seen it done before and refused to believe me when I said otherwise. Ah well, either way $15 more is hardly a price for a home network.

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