DSB-R100 USB FM Radio Driver



Does anyone know where I can find a driver for win xp for my DSB-R100 USB FM Radio?

Let me know!
Just get the driver from D-link's page and install that, it works fine :) i'm listening to it right now heheh
Any specifics to installing it? I tried before, and it did nothing. Where are you downloading it from? How should I install it? Win Xp Device mangler has it listed with a yellow ! next to it.

also, which one did you install? win 2k or me drivers?
I installed the 2k drivers, and I didn't even have to goto the d-link site, I used the original dirver disk that came with the radio, if you have a yellow exclamation point try going to update driver, then poiting it at the directory that you unzipped the download too and selecting the *.inf file
Wow! Cool! I just got it running, thanks, u da man!

I now have an annoying button in my taskbar that says "Safely Remove Hardware" and it lists the dlink radio. Do you have this on your computer too?

How do I get rid of it? It's kinda annoying!

can't get rid of it since it is a USB device that accesses memory, just set your taskbar up so it automatically hides it :)
Sorry to ask so many questions, but whats the best way to do that?

right click your bar, hit properties, then click customize and set safely remove hardware to always hide :)
I'm back ;)

Ok, today after I rebooted last night, I get no sound outta my fm player... any ideas? I load up the dlink fm player, and it loads correctly, and when I scan stations, it says stereo sound and all that, but no sound... whatsoever.

I'm using the line in in the back of my sb live! video card...
I tried swapping to the mic in, and nothing again... any trick to this?

(fyi: I removed the d-link icon from my startup folder... is this related to that?)

Let me know!

if the player is coming up and there are no errors and you can switch stations and such try the following

go into the player, then choose options, volume controller settings and try switching what it has the radio imput line set to

also open up your window sound properties and make sure none of the tabs regarding line in are set to 0 volume or mute

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