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I urinated in a oven once, when I was drunk, turned oven on next morning to make bisquits and the smell was horrible.

had to clean the oven with a hangover as well, never again.



It is a dang good thing ya did not pee in the oven when it was on!!

Don't know which would have been worse - peeing on an electric coil with the current running up the stream - OR peeing on the gas with all the alcohol in your system.

Either case could have been the "hottest" ya have ever been!!:D :D

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I ones had sex on a public bench (I think someone was watching) throdup on the girl I was with lost one of my teeth and my cell phone, bearly got home while choking on my own blood, went to sleep with my clothes on, woke up the next morning and went to school wearing the same clothes.

try to top this.


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Benny you arent a practicing orthodox jew are you?? Unless of course all that wasnt caused by alcohol.

I am not sure, but friends of mine should be sending me pictures of the last time I got really pissed. I will post any good ones.


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I remeber it was the first time i got drunk, me and my friend drove up to palmdale (a redneck town in california), met his 17 yr old sister who had just given birth and his 21 yr old brother-in-law. We went down to the nearest liquor shop (about 6 mi away from the trailor) got a bunch of 6-packs, and some hard alchohal (can't remember what it was) and went home and everyone got wasted. Then the 21-yr old brother-in-law had his 25 yr old brother come over and we all drank and drank and drank. It was my first time getting wasted and i am proud to say i didn't throw up. I think i had like 3+ beers then the 26 yr old dared me to have a drinking contest with him.

"have you heard of 151?"


"ok well lets have a drinking contest, I take a shot, you take a shot"


I had about 3 shots before he stopped me.

It turns out 151 is the name of a hard alchohal that is 151 proof--about 75% alchohal.

I kept trying to get another beer but everyone thought i had enough, but i wouldn't listen, so the 26 yr old put me in a head lock and said "If you try and get another beer you're going to wake up naked and hanging in that tree over there" and pointed to a tree through the window.

I can't remember anything else except around 4am i went and took a piss and went to sleep in the backyard with the dogs.

We had to go to a swap meet the next morning but I didn't have a hang over. I was still drunk LOL.

The wierdest feeling is going to sleep drunk and waking up drunk.


WooT!! Drinkin' stories!!

What is it with whizzin' in kitchen appliances? The morning after a memorial day/night stooper, I caught my "blind eyed" brother whizzin' in the fridge! (where's a camcorder when you need one 'eh?) He was even doing the ritualistic 'wobble at the urinal dance'.


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See as were all telling our drunk stories, heres mine!!!

Went out one night and got really leathered, when I woke up the next morning my jaw was hurting as if I had been punched or something, went downstairs and at the kitchen table there was my Dad tutting and shaking his head, and the conversation goes like this.

Dad : Don't you remember last night?

Me : No why?

Dad : Well I was lying in bed and all of a sudden I felt these little splashes on my face, I look up and see you standing there in all your glory pissing on ME.

Needless to say thats why my jaw was hurting:D


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omg allan well done.

i jus go out,drink,don't cum home till next mornin.

i have meories of entire crates....them me drinkin them all.......

ahh i love being young


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Originally posted by Electronic Punk
I don't get drunk :p

LMAO, me wonders if I should post some of Electronic Punk's rather funny quotes from the chat room while smashed off his rocker.

hmmmmmm, nope don't want to get fired...... LOL



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Originally posted by Iceman

LMAO, me wonders if I should post some of Electronic Punk's rather funny quotes from the chat room while smashed off his rocker.

hmmmmmm, nope don't want to get fired...... LOL

Bok bok bok

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Durunk again - well its friaday night and i'm back home drunk as the russian I am.
so here are some drunk tthoghts:
I love my life;
Leff is the best beer in the world;
Murphes comes second;
If your a wite russian and you drink a wite russian it may heve some sirios efffffffffffect on you;
life sux;
I want to heve sex with a lesbian;
I'm odly atrackted to lesbians';
I have the munchees and im eating mushrooms.


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got some pics of my DM initiation funnel, they arent very good, there are supposed to be more coming in soon, if there are any good ones I will post them

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