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Drunk Pilot: Extreme landing of a 747


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Im guessing the pilot is drunk cuz this one crazy landing


Really im just messing with you .... i think its from a airport somewhere in thailand where there are strong 30 miles per hour winds and the pilot has to do all these things to land the plane. That is why he looks drunk, but really he is really skilled...... they closed the airport cuz it got too risky
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Stiff cross wind and possibly wind sheer off the left side. Check out the wind sock. The pilot is actually quite good, if not as prudent as I'd like on a passenger jet. There was no bounce and no sidewise motion at touch down. He was also coming in pretty fast. Possibly to counteract wind sheer.

A prudent pilot would have gone around and lined up better for a second try. But this may have not been his first try.

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I really don't see it guys, that landing looked excellent, there was obviously a steady crosswind which he calculated for his approach

In my opinion, that was beautiful

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