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23 Jun 2004
Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water

For those who feel they are not affected as they use filters or bottled water:
Even users of bottled water and home filtration systems don't necessarily avoid exposure. Bottlers, some of which simply repackage tap water, do not typically treat or test for pharmaceuticals, according to the industry's main trade group. The same goes for the makers of home filtration systems.

For man is unfit even to direct his own step.

I quote the bible, thousands of years old, same advice, none of it bad for life. No medical advice that has proved harmful, and a hugely advanced for its time set of standards for cleanliness and helathcare. But people will continue to try and live by directing themselves, and end up failing miserably. Many will say they are doing good today, when they are fine, but when trouble comes they fail to see what has been the cause of it, and instead treat the symptoms.

Obesity: Today? We will prescribe a pill or set of pills and perform surgeries, give you counseling as you can't grasp the idea that no work and eating more than you burn causes weightgain . Bible times? Get your fat ass to work.

Human waste: Today? Lets make a video of us pooping on and in each other ala two girls one cup, if you get sick we will prescribe pills and surgeries. Bible times? Go and bury it at least 300yards out of your residence and at least three feet deep then get your ass to work.

Drunkenness: Today? Here take this pill, attend this meeting with other drunks, or if you want try to sue someone else while crying about your rights and feelings. Bible times? Get your drunk ass to work and if you keep drinking you will die.

Laziness: Today? Poor poor you, you probably have issues with something, take this pill, attend these meetings with another person who has a degree and issues of their own, and try to collect some welfare benefits. Bible times? Get your lazy ass to work, those who don't work don't eat.

Simple to see. We need more strong arming of the masses, they are getting to soft. Soon they will ahve to have chairs and refreshments at political rally movements. Or get to soft and take to many drugs to see what is really happening. Oh wait, we are already there.
Steevo, while I agree with some of what you said, I disagree on other points.

Obesity: Obesity is such a big problem in the United States because the companies and people marketing the food make it seem so easy and accessible. Here is something to ponder, as a college student it is cheaper for me to go to McDonalds day in day out and get a hamburger, than it is for me to home cook a meal every day, and prepare a sandwich in the morning before I head out the door.

There was a check done not to long ago that showed that it was cheaper to buy a bag of Doritos that a crop of salad, and salad alone tastes like crap.

Having "bible times" apply here is not going to change anything. These days work involves sitting behind a computer, or sitting on a chair. What needs to happen is that good nutritious food becomes a competitor again to other cheap fast food. It needs to be bred into the state of mind in the US that having a mum cook a dinner is the normal thing to do. Things like hot-pockets and other crap need to go the way of the dodo.

Human waste: Rather interesting that you bring that up, most normal human beings take a dump in a toilet that takes the waste a lot further away from home than 300 ft. I don't even understand why you brought that up other than to just add another item to a seemingly random list.

Drunkenness: Even in "bible times", during the Roman rule over the world drunkenness was a problem. Thing is, as a society we want to help everyone, mainly because we are afraid that if we let them continue down the path they are going they are going to destroy another humans life. Back in the bible times drunken people did not have a 100 HP car they could stumble into, and drive through a house killing 4 people.

Laziness: Eh? There are pills for this? There are groups I could attend? Why was I not informed? Luckily in the United States welfare benefits only last for 6 months, so after that they are SOL. So if they don't work, they don't eat. Holy crap, this is so far the only one where "bible times" seems to apply.

"For man is unfit even to direct his own step."

In what way? If we still lived as "bible times" we would have holes ALL over the place filled with human waste, water would be contaminated, and fresh water would be scarce. Many people would have been dead from plagues and other diseases that would have gone rampant had it not been for hygiene and cleanliness. The argument that "bible times" would have been better is crap. The reason is that this earth is filled with too many people.

"Simple to see. We need more strong arming of the masses, they are getting to soft. Soon they will ahve to have chairs and refreshments at political rally movements. Or get to soft and take to many drugs to see what is really happening. Oh wait, we are already there."

Okay I will bite, you want to strong-arm the masses into doing more work, and doing what they are supposed to do to keep a functioning society, yet at the same time you don't want to give them medicine that will help them function proper in society, thus causing more problems.

We can give the ADHD patient some drugs to calm them down and let them function like "normal" human beings in society, get some work done and continue their lives, or they can be an outcast, someone that won't function correctly, and thus making them more of a pain. Productivity goes down, and now we have more people who are not working and thus collecting welfare. If I wake up with a massive headache, I can either take a Naproxen Sodium and head to work, do what I need to do. Or I can call in sick, not take the pills, drink some water and go to sleep for a day. That is a day that is gone. Going to work with a massive headache can be dangerous if I am working with heavy equipment, especially since it won't allow you to think properly, and will slow your re-action time.

I agree that society has to step up, and clean up its act in certain ways, but to say that "bible times" were better, is absolutely crock ****.

Having said all that, I do not appreciate that water is not filtered properly in such a way that those pharmaceutical products are removed, then again if I were to choose where I would want a glass of tap water, the United States or The Netherlands, I would choose The Netherlands every single time. At least there we don't get random **** added in, like for example chlorine and fluoride.
YOU sir need to lighten up. Twas but a joke.

But the general populace still is a bunch of whinebag lazy twats.
So I guess he was talking about the large population of Confederacy enthusiasts in the US? ;p

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