"dropped" HD in RAID1


Overclocked Like A Mother
8 Jul 2002
Hi guys,

One of my HD's has "dropped" in my RAID1 config. I use a Silicon Image chipset PCI RAID card. Even though the HD is still listed in the RAID GUI, I cannot get it to rebuild the RAID setup. Could the HD be pooched? It is only about a year old.

Yeah sounds like it has probably bought the farm :(

-edit- I've never run a RAID setup but RAID 1 has same data on both so would it be possible to swap them and see if that makes a difference?
if you do swap em and the 2nd one works but the 1st original one doesn't then its not gonna work as a raid 1 setup cuz it cant really write to the original one if its broke...
Thanks for the info, guys.
I am still able to access the files from the HD that is still in the setup. Loks like a new HD will be order of the day tomorrow.


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