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Drives detected but system freezes when cd/dvd is inserted?


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I just did a fresh install of Windows XP and everything seems to beworking fine except for my three drives (CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVDRW). All three are recognized by XP and all drives as well as systemsoftware are all up to date but everytime I insert any type of cd/dvdmy system freezes and am forced to restart. I can't play games,watch dvd's, listen to music, burm, etc, etc. I have searchedhigh and low and can't seem to find a solution. I have evenbooted up in safe mode and uninstalled all three drives and that didn'twork. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.


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Connect them one at a time to see if it is one particular drive. If all 3 work independantly, combine them 2 at a time. Hopefully, that helps. Also, double check there firmware updates.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks guys. As of right now I have the demo version of Nero,RecordNow DX, and B's recorder Gold5. I can't even use any ofthese programs because the second a cd is inserted and starts spinningthe computer freezes. So, for right now I'll have to connect eachdrive one at a time. Thanks for the input so far.

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They aslo say having more than one burning program installed can cause problems. Maybe when you insert a cd two maybe even three programs are trying to get access to it............KA POW!

Remove the programs till only one is left & see how it goes.
Hmm, Actually he has 4 installed Hipster. Windows has a built in recorder too.

Moth -
I wonder if when you re-installed Windows this time you had it install/enable the burner feature. It was a longtime ago but I'm thinking that the Windows Internal burner uses code from Easy CD/Roxio.

1) I would uninstall all the burner software and see if the CD/DVD will play.
2) Check if the windows built in burner software is installed/working. If it is I would get rid of it. (Roxio was never very stable for me.)
3) Pick your favorite burner software and install that and make sure it works. Then add stuff back in one at a time. The order you install in may mess you up too. Some of the burner software may be redirecting calls to DLL's.

I've had things working with Windows, Nero, Roxio, CLone CD, DVD Shrink and others all installed at once, but I did have problems similar to yours on two occassions and I ended up having to un-install and re-install one of my 2 burners.

It may have to do with using Demo or OEM software provided with for just one specific CD/DVD drive.

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