Drivers to stage petrol protests

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8 Apr 2003
Farmers and lorry drivers are set to take part in protests across the UK against the rising cost of fuel.

The day of action comes after fuel prices on garage forecourts rose above the £1 per litre mark in recent weeks.

A Road Haulage Association convoy of about 30 vehicles is also due to create a rolling blockade on major roads in Scotland from 1000 GMT on Saturday.

The government has warned unlawful blockades should not be tolerated.

Police plan to monitor the situation.


Last time they did that was a right nightmare, still over a £ a litre is a complete p**s take
The government has warned unlawful blockades should not be tolerated.

That happened on the A59 from York every time the gypsies did their westward move. Or eastward, come to think of it.
These protests never seem to have any effect, maybe we should all emigrate.
A little off there. 1 British pound = 2.0174 U.S. dollars :)
im on about for uk peeps 1 gallon = 4.5 litres - so guessing i should have put £4.75 and not £3.75 - still expensive wether oyou look at it as £ or $
~3.78 litre = 1 US gallon
(£1/litre * 3.78 litres) * 2.0174 = ~$7.63/gallon in US Dollars
america always does it differently :) - we get more but get ripped off more :p - 1 Imperial gallon = 4.54609188 liters, think american gallon =1.20 uk gallon

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