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Drivers - Load Order


I thought that I would use that as an intention getter!!!

Unlike the subject I do have a question....I am going to format and resetup Win XP proff....My question is...."do I have to put on the drivers in any certain order...(ex. Video before sound and vise versa)......And do I need to update the 4 in 1's??? From what I have gathered, windows XP handels them very well........I am asking this because this is an on going debate between me and my friends........thanks for any help!!!!!!!!
how do you tell if your board supports 4 in 1's....I know that mine does cause the techs told me but I dont know how to cheak other then looking at the board....I know that there is a reg key that tells you the version....but is there anything else??? like under device manager???

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The Via drivers support all via chip sets.

My personal order of installing is.....

Graphics card
Sound card
anything else internal
The all the external stuff
another question....Does having 2 accounts made in wondows XP use up more system resources then say only one account.....(with only one runnong and the other idle)

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