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Driver Updates Scam?



Just wondering. I went to a site called drivershq ran their service and it told me I needed x,y,z amount of driver updates.

I checked the one site (nvidia) and downloaded the latest video driver for my graphics card.

It also gave me about 7 other driver updates @drivershq
have now checked 3 of them it gave and the makers site says I have the latest driver updates.

I also ran updates at windwos updates also.

I was wondering is drivershq some kind of scam?

I once had catchup which I luved as it kept me upto-date better.
I also had oil change which when I tried the trial before I bought it
also did what happened at drivershq said I needed all these updates after I joined these so-called-updates did not exist.

NE1 have NE ideas. Has NE1 used drivershq registered and found the same problems as I mentioned?

NE1 also know of a free site (no cost atall) or free software that will find me the drivers I want at no cost atall?
Why not do what most of us do!! Know what hardware we have, and keep tabs on the relevent driver pages (at regular intervals...i.e. monthly or fortnightly)

As for Windows updates, I check in there about once a month as well. Also keep my eyes open on NTFS for any critical updates (security for IE6...which is quite often!!)


I know what I have, found that some of it has driver from windows publisher from nearly 2 and a 1/2 years ago.

Been to intel they don't have certain drivers I want (they supply the chipset to my motherboard b.t.w) that are newer than the ones installed, but low n suprise drivershq say different.

This is why I asked if it is a scam. This is why I mentioned the other service I one purchased called oil change.

I have spent the last month searching to make sure all my controllers, drivers,software was upto-date.

My software is upto date as we write.

It's just my chipset 845 (intel) is not and have employed the latest drivers from their site.

Other driver updates appeared on drivershq pop .html document saying they are out-of-date. I was trying to explain I have been to relevant sites which they say have out-of-date drivers and the
manufacturer's sites say different.

So can NE1 answer the questions I posed?


OSNN One Post Wonder
I recommend great caution when using drivershq.com. Their automated system:
  • 'identifies' updates which are not necessary
  • Recommends drivers that are mutually exclusive to each other (i.e. more than one drive for the same device. You have to uninstall one that you have just installed to install the new one)
  • Lists driver removal programs as the latest driver - so doing what they say does not update the driver; it just removes it
I have used this service and on installing a recommended driver got a series of blue screens I didn't get before.

And should you dare complain, they won't put things right; they just terminate your membership.

It seems to me that they have no desire to provide a proper service, just put up any old thing so they can take money off people who won't complain. Does that suggest 'scam' to you?
Only use the hardware manufacturers website for updates unless it sends you somewhere else. If you go direct to intel (or whoever) for chipset updates they may not work if the MB (or video card) vendor addded (or omitted) functions and the not recommended drivers may void your warantee.

It's more work but here's the safe way to do updtaes:
1). If it ain't broke don't fix it. Never update unless you have a problem or you may introduce one.

2). Leave Windows Update enabled, but set it to just notify you an update is available. Driver updates you ignore, unless they fix a specific problem. Security updates, wait 3 days after notification then check someplace like OSNN to see if they are safe.

There have been some lemons from M$ that crippled systems. One security update choked the system speed down to nothing (I waited 3 days and saw all the complaints on this one) and a Video Driver update was auto setting refresh rates to 75Hz which was frying older monitors (I lost a monitor to this one).

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