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Not sure where to post this..

You know that noise "doluu" that the computer makes when you plug something in and out of the USB ports (possibly other types too). Not sure how to spell that noise lol. I am hoping you know what I mean.

Well 4 days ago my computer started doing that, on and off quite often, 20 times in a minute, then nothing for maybe 10 to 20 minutes, and random times like that. I am assuming its my 360 controller, but it shows its working and all drivers are setup and everything else is good as well. It randomly started happening.

Any ideas?

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do you have standby enabled on your system, i used to have s3 i think it was set in the bios and that gave me a few scares with fans stopping when nothing was going on, you know the power down noise :)


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No Standby on, and its no noise dealing with my computer/hardware. It's within windows, I am sure you know what sound I am talking about.
I spell it da-dink but it's safe to say this is completely subjective. LOL.

First thing is find out for sure if it's the controller by leaving it unplugged long enough to notice whether or not it still happens. Then plug it in again and test again long enough.


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I unplugged it, it's been long enough I'd say, and there seems to be no annoying sound. I guess that means I should reinstall the drivers for the 360 controller?


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Yea, don't matter if I am playing a game, come to think of it I am not sure I have heard it while playing a game. hmmm