Driver Installation Problems in Windows XP - ASUS NVIDIA 31.40 Drivers



Hi folks,

I just downloaded the newest asus geforce 3 drivers for xp at the asus homepage. (version 31.40 - final version - for windows 2000/xp).

now i can not install the driver. when i run the exec-installation file, windows opens a window and writes, i should install the driver under hardware-displaydevice-drivers.
when i do this, the driver installs, but at the next reboot, windows removes the new drivers and puts the old ones...

i can see that too in the event logs of xp, there it writes, that changed dll files were replace by the originals -- this seems to be the windows file protection feature which does this...

i can reinstall the older 28.20 drivers from asus without any problem...

has anybody an idea, how i can install the drivers ?
is there a solution to disable the file protection system ? is this a good idea?

i have an original activated windows xp home and windows xp service pack 1 installed. also all the xp updates are installed on my system...

thanks for your help!


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You have probably already done it this way but just in case. I found this a long time ago but have never done it this way.

How to Install Nvidia Detonator Drivers

Step 1.
Download the drivers you intend to install. (i.e. Det.4 v23.11's) from Nividia. Most of the drivers will come in a zip format. So the next step is to unzip the files using winzip or winrar.
After you have done this close all the open windows and close any programs or applications you are running, because after the install you will have to shut down.
Step 2.
Open up device manager by Holding down the windows Key and pressing the Pause/break key. A system Properties Box will pop up. Choose the "Hardware" tab, then click on "device manager". When this opens you will see all the hardware you have installed.
Click on the + sign next to Display adapter. You should see your graphics card there. Right click on you card and choose properties.
Step 3.
You will now see another window saying the name of your graphics card, Click on the tab which says "driver". Now choose "Update Driver".
Select "Install from a specified Location"
Tick "Dont Search. I will choose the driver to install".
You will now be presented with another window, Click on "Have Disk"
Then click on browse, go to the place where your new drivers are on your hard drive.
Click on the file you see once.
And click OK ....
Step 4.
You may see a warning "this driver is not digitally signed by microsoft" click continue.
Once the drivers have finished installing XP will pop a box up saying to reboot.
Reboot and your finished.

If I'm way off with this then please go to the next post. :D


Hi, thanks very much for your installationdoku . i have already made an installation this way. the problem is, that when i reboot, windows xp reinstalls the standart vga driver...
but i will have the chance and make your installation way again...


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I should have mentioned this before but I don't think it will make any difference. The way I update drivers is to remove the updated one from device manager, reboot & let xp load the original xp driver. Then I click the new driver & let it install itself. Works for me.


XP Nvidia Nightmare

I am having the same problem. I have an ECS K7SEM motherboard and an NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 and every time I power down my PC and reboot I lose my driver. I cannot figure out the fix for this. I un unstalled all drivers and reinstalled several different Nvidia drivers and nothing seems to help. I have installed the new drivers straight from the ZIP and using the update driver button and neither fixes it. The problem only appears after I remove power completely (remove AC cord or shutdown overnight) from the PC.

Any more ideas b/c the previous idea failed me.


NVIDIA Driver 40.71 (Beta)


Thank you all for your help.

Sunday, i installed the newest Driver from NVIDIA.

I could install it without any problem. I made some benchmarking tests with sanda and i saw no big differences between the old asus 20.82 reference driver and the new nvidia driver.

but it worked finely with nvidias installation setup.

so i think it seems to be a problem with the asus setup procedure. perhaps the final version of asus will work, but until this i will use the nvidia driver now.



Just throwing in my two cents, it's always a good idea to go to official websites for latest drivers for all you hardware. I would say 70% of the population don't even bother to update.



Well, all this information and nothing has helped yet guys. Thanks for trying but I have followed everyoned recomondations to a tee and no success yet. I broke the registry last week trying to fix this and still no luck. Every time I remove my drivers XP finds I have removed all drivers and removed all references to Nvidia in my registry and XP always finds and installs It never gives me the ugly no color low resolution displays like I would have expected after removing the drivers. Its like XP's default worst drivers have been replaced by invidia's. Another interesting clue is my resolution says its at 640X480 resolution but its not. The display is showing a much better resolution. And I cannot change my resolution. No other options to select. Yet I am seeing 1024X1080 from the monitor. Now if I power down my machine then I get a true grainy ugly but colorful (not grey) 640X480 resolution. My current fix for this is to remove the Nvidia Driver S/W via remove S/W utulity in Control panel. and I am back to XP finding this rogue driver that lies to me about the current resolution. Interesting huh?

How do I rid myself of it? I noticed when I lost my registry and had the backup default empy regisrty installed for recovery purposes only. I noticed my rogue driver was gone. I am tempted to to an XP reinstall! Lot of work but I can forget about the nightmare XP registry problem and call it fixed.

Any more ideas?


Reinstall is always good for piece of mind, you can try to do a reinstall over xp that takes about an hour with sp1 or if you have everyting backed up it should be less time.

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same here

Seems the latest drivers from the asus site will not work properly for me either the only ones that work for me are the ones on the cd that I got with my card ASUSVB170 magic (geforce4 mx420)

When I tried the lastest drivers from nvidia I get my desktop at 1024/768 but only at 60mhz if I try to go to 85mhz it goes black and stays black ... worse than that I use refresh force and set all my settings and when I reboot the moniter defaults back to the default moniter ........ I tried a few times and I dont see that I am spose to do different .... I can get drivers installed but cant fix refresh rate, so for now I am stuck using the asus nvidia 29.80a

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