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Driver causing automatic restart


Fusion Warrior

This is the first time i have posted here so i'll keep it straight to the point.

My computer keeps restarting for some reason, which is related to a driver i have. I have got all the updates from microsoft and it still happens.

This error is called something like "BCCODE" and no matter how many times i send it to microsoft i can't fix it. I have WinXP.

Please help.:confused:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Welcome to the forum

If you turn off automatic restart you should get a clearer picture of what the error is all about. Go to my computer\properties\advanced\startup & recovery\settings. Untick automatic restart.


Check your fan on your cpu. Put some new grease on it or another fan. Also check to see if the CPU itself is cracked or broken. Make sure the Fan is properly seated on the CPU.

Don't by chance have an FIC motherboard do you? Seems that I always see this problem with FIC motherboards, and the CPU not being cooled correctly.

I also so a post somewhere about a cable modem being incorrectly installed via USB? Just remember them stating the Cable modem was not compatible with XP. Once they changed it to ethernet all worked correctly.

Hope this helps.

Fusion Warrior

Thanks guys

I tried what you said about that automatic restart. So far i haven't come across anything. But i bet i will soon. As far as what CheetoBales said, it may be that i need abother fan too, because where my computer is located it it not very open or free to air. Thanks anyway guys.:) :)

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