DriveImage across Network (failure)


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29 Aug 2002
Hey folks - I recently had cause to utilise (ot attempt to) my wi-fi Network to backup a secondary machines main HD to my main machines secondary HD...

Now I have and use DriveImage (7.01) which works fine for me generally - but when I tried the network backup I got an open failure EA390712 (like here .

I have made the relevant folder shareable - even tried making root shared also. There's mention of DNS settings etc. - but from the client computer I can do a test edit and write a notepad text file - surely that tests all the permission DriveImage should need?

Any help appreciate - I'd like to avoid the SymanTec support hassle if I can (they'll probably blame something else since it is network)... :mad:
the error that you linked referenced netware as a possible cause...since you are not using netware the only other possibility according to the article is that "DNS is not setup properly".

That being said are you using a wireless router as your wireless access point??? If so, is your destination server (where the image is going) on the same network (or subnet)??? Imaging (multicasts in general) will not pass through a router to another network/subnet. So even if the folder/directory is shared out and you can see it, that does not necessarily mean that you will be able to multicast or broadcast an image there.

The easiest way to find out if this is the problem is to plug in the machine that you are trying to image into the same switch/router as the machine that you are trying to send the image to and try again.
Wolf1.8 said:
That being said are you using a wireless router as your wireless access point???
Yes I am indeed - with a USB dongle.... I am starting to get a hunch that we may have a problem Houston - I think I'll be investing in an external Firewire HD for this functionality as a workaround.

Thanks for the heads up post - not sure what to plug where to test this per your secondary suggestion but I guess wireless networks have their limitations and I was naive to think it could go over the network and just go more slowly (10/100Mbps or whatever). By all means confirm that I should desist from my foolish endeavor - at least posting it up help expand the knowledge base. :rolleyes:

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