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DriveImage 7 broken - support?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
On my latest rig, for some reason I cannot yet diagnose, DriveImage 7 has just stopped being useable :eek:

What happens is it starts to open, the splash screen comes up for an age (per normal) then the splash screen is partly wiped by the main console, but not entirely and it hangs with an hourglass. When terminated it is as a hung app in the V2iConsole.

I was about to raise this with the Symantec techies as a support issue and look for a fix - but when I go to the site it directs me to Ghost :eek: Have they stopped supporting DriveImage? Anyone else had this or anything like it? Anyone emailed them?

Right now I am considering investing in Acronis product as a replacement - this has put me off Symantec a bit


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
this got resolved by a reformat - after which I was able to install DriveImage and restore to a backup from a couple of weeks back - not perfect though - I have emailed Powerquest/Symantec to ask about their level of support, no reply though :(

Making me think of moving over to Acronis to be honest...

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Yeah, they would prob. tell you it was incompatible with SP2 (?) and that you would need to upgrade for a super discount :s


It is my understanding that Ghost 9 is having probelms with SP2 - but DI 7 and Ghost 2003 still works fine with SP2!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
that is all interesting - because (you would not guess this though, unless you were NetRyder) I am still holding this rig on SP1 pending resolution of another issue (VPN) :)

So I shall bear that in mind when/if I hear back ;)

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