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Drive:/RECYCLER ... Virus found!


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Hi. I had scanned my pc and it had found a virus in my slave drive F. The info shows that it is in my drive:/RECYCLERS... where can I find this folder? I tried to show all but still folder is invisible. tried delete all norton protected files but the virus is still present. Need help. :(


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To find F:\RECYCLER you must go to "Tools/Folder Options/View" while looking in My Computer and de-select the option "Hide protected operating system files"

The RECYCLER folder IS the recycle bin, whereas the Recycle bin on the desktop is a shortcut to this folder... It is hidden as it is a system file, and if you delete the RECYCLER folder Windows will recreate it on startup...

But, what is happening is that when Norton deletes the Spyware, it puts it into the RECYCLER folder with a DC- number... this is normal - don't worry about it - what Norton's is finding is already-deleted trojans and spyware.


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good to know that it is already deleted. i had tried to show it in the system files under the folder option but was not able to see it. but why does it show everytime i run anvirus scan even if i had already emptied the recyle bin?


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Was this drive used as a boot device on another PC? When you empty your recycle bin, it points to your C drive, not F:

You would either have to manipulate where the main Recylce bin points to (not recommended), or use something like recovery console to view/delete the files that way.


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No. the drive was not used as a boot for another pc and the recycle bin is setup for drive c. drive f is where the virus were found when i ran antivirus prg.

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All my computers have a RECYCLER on each partition/drive. I think if you delete a file it goes to the RECYCLER on the partition/drive it was deleted on.


When i deleted a virus i had found, i did a virus scan and it said the virus was now in the recycle bin. But i cant find my recycle bin anywhere to get rid of the virus completely.


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If it is complicated/tough to locate, use the XP Recovery console. Using the CMD line through that method, you will be able to delete the files you need. Could try deleting the entire directory, which will just get re-created when Windows boots up again.

Or alternatively, use BartPE.

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