Drive Letters

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by David Chapple, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. I have a laptop runiing XP Pro without any major problems. It always boots up with a floppy (A:), a hard disk (C:), a CD ROM (D:) and a CR RW (E:). So far no problem.

    When I insert the USB of my Smart Media reader two new drives are installed, one for each of the cards types read by the device. The problem is that sometimes these two drive intall as drives D: and E: pushing the CD ROM and CD RW to new drive letters and this causes mahem with some of the software.

    Can I lock the CR ROM and CD RW into a particular drive letter?

    Many thanks

    David Chapple
  2. Oh dear - I typed in a "semi colon" after each of the drive letters followed by a "closing bracket" and the very very clever computer running this form knew I was very stupid so it changed my typing into smiling faces. I suppse that progress!

    David Chapple
  3. Thank you Alec - the reply was incredibly quick - I will give it a try.