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Is there any way to permanently change the letter assigned to a specific partition? I have an Asus P4B533E motherboard with two hard disks, a CDROM player and a CDRW connected to the main IDE controller, so I added a new hard disk using the RAID controller (no RAID array, I just installed 1 HD). Everything works fine but the drive letters assigned to the RAID hard disk partitions are always the last two letters while the CDROM player and CDRW come first. My actual configuration looks like this:
A: floppy
C: primary IDE connector HD
D: secondary IDE connector HD
G: first RAID partition
H: second RAID partition.

Of course I'd like to have all the hard disks listed before the CD/CDRW devices, so I tried to change the drive letters through Computer Management/ Disk Management, but this only works for the current session, when the PC reboots everything go back to the original configuration. Do you know any way to make the drive letter settings permanent?
Thanks in advance!


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Problem is u installed the the RAID after un had installed XP, had u did it before u installed XP the CDR's would be after the RAID, there are proggies that will do it, make the changes, but the problem your going to have is when you are playing games that require a cd, the game is going to look for the cd on the E drive and you changed the cdrom to the G drive, you can fix that, but if you play a bunch of games it will be time consuming.



You can change the drive letter assignments in Admin tools under disk management. I think Iceman is right tho it might raise a little havoc with some of your games looking for the CD in the wrong place.


Thank you for your replies. I already tried to change the letters using Disk Management but that works only until the next reboot, then the RAID partitions are moved to the end again.
I'm not into games so I wouldn't mind if changing the letters would cause some games to stop working, I just want all the hard disks letters grouped together before the CDROM drives :) Iceman, can you please name one of these programs that would allow me to make the changes?


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oh, I was talking about that Disk Management thingier, and typed program by mistake, I am pretty sure you willl have the same problem, even if you do find a program.

sorry I don't have a solution, maybe somebody more knowledgeable will


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partition magic

Partition magic can do that after it makes the changes it will run its drive mapper and scan out all programs that are associated to a specific drive and re-map them so that you wont have that problem of a game looking on the wrong drive its very easy to use and a very good program :D

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