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Drive Image 7 XP/2000 pro



Didn't see this in any threads, so I did see at powerquest's site an update for registered users of Drive Image 7.

It's an update from 7, new version is 7.01.

It's size is 349.02 megs and is zipped.

I would not bother when you're awake downloading it if you're a dial up user. 14 hrs for 56.6 k 1 1/2 hours asdl @ 500k

I would give you a direct link to download but I am sure it is not allowed.



Please Read Below before downloading:

PowerQuest(R) Drive Image(R) 7.0

Burning the Downloaded Drive Image .ISO Image to a CD
To install PowerQuest Drive Image, you must first
burn the downloaded Drive Image .ISO image to a CD.

You will need the following:

-One blank CD-R disc (Do not use a CD-RW disc.)
-The Drive Image .ISO image (downloaded from the
PowerQuest web site)
-A CD creation program, such as Nero Burning ROM or
Roxio's Easy CD Creator, that is capable of burning
ISO images to a CD

IMPORTANT! Do not use the "Copy" feature in Windows XP;
it is not capable of burning an .ISO image to a CD.

Nero Burning ROM - Use the "Burn Image" feature to
burn the .ISO image to CD. Refer to the software's
documentation for further instructions.

Easy CD Creator - Use the "Create CD from Disc Image"
feature to burn the .ISO image to CD. Refer to the
software's documentation for further instructions.

After the .ISO image is burned to CD, you can install
Drive Image.

In addition to being the CD for the installation, the Drive
Image CD serves as a bootable copy of the PowerQuest
Recovery Environment (PQRE), which you can use to restore
backup images. Therefore, be sure you store the CD in a
safe and secure place. For more information about the
PQRE, refer to the Drive Image documentation.

It also comes in French and German.


I can not seem to find much info on the PowerQuest site in regards to this update - so like will it install over the old version - since it is an update, and will the old images restore after this update - or do new images have to be burned (in my case as I use cd-r's)?

Anyone know??


Well the information I got from unzipping the .zip file gave an .iso which is 519,880 kb's in size. It gave also in French German and English what i wrote in the post before you posted.

If you goto www.powerquest.com then click on products then updates or just http://www.powerquest.com/updates/ it then will run through the drop down boxes you fill in the 1) product 2) version you own 3) language.

I then burned it to CD using roxio cd creator 6. Then I ran the setup .exe on disk, it said about do you want to update product etc. I didn't have to re put in my serial key it just updated and then asked if I would like to reboot now or later.

http://www.powerquest.com/updates/index.cfm?ProductLine=DM&FromVersion=7&ProductLanguage=EN is the last stage before it gives link for download. I can't find anything there why the update is need. Maybe you should e-mail them.

Dunno what elese I can add i might get a TMI, lol/!


I have been through all of that also and have the ISO burned to cd and checked as far as making sure the cd (I burned) boots - but went no farther!

Perhaps an email to them may help - I'll see what I can do about that - goes looking for an email addy!

I'll get back if I hear anything!

<edit> Sent email - they will try to respond within two working days. <edit>

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