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Dragon Plus smart card uses?


Confused and Bewildered
My MB is a Soho SY-K7V Dragon Plus! which includes a smart card reader.

Have any other owners actually used the thing and with what software/cards? I'd love to find a use for it.


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smart cards? isn't that what they have in some digital cameras and stuff?

I dunno I suppose you can dl stuff onto the cards or from cards to your computer for multimedia purposes.. :)


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Swipe card terminal access, just got to remember your swipe card instead of your password, also computerised clocking in/out terminals...

BACS, automated credit service for paying wages into the bank.. a friend who works as an accountant has a swipe card to authorise payment of the company wages after the slips have been processed. Set it up on sage and swipe the money's into peoples acocunts in 1 go..

aint just for unlocking mobiles LOL


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The thing that comes with the Dragon Plus is a smart chip reader. It doesnt read mag stripes on swipecards. It reads those little gold chips on phone cards and credit cards (ever seen that Amercican Express "Blue" card, it reads those little gold chips).

I have one, but its not connected and i have no idea what useful purpose it would serve



Confused and Bewildered
Sorry, yes, I meant smart chip reader. Amex Blue cards and the like use proprietary readers. The one that came with my blue card isn't compatable with win Me or XP.


i have the same thing on my Soyo. I only use the 2 USB slots it comes with. I have little use for that slot, considering the smart card wont' work. it usually works for those SIM cards.

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