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Downloading .rar files

I'm having a problem downloading .rar files with Firebird. A page will open showing the code and then I have to save it to disk and give it the .rar extension. How do I change this so that it directly saves a .rar file. It doesn't do this with .zip files or others.


I may actually be insane.
Originally posted by Unleashed
Use another browser?
Go find another thread to troll?

What Jewelzz suggested works.
If I remember right, the reason you receive the ASCII instead of a download is because the server you are downloading from isn't sending the correct MIME type, and because Firebird bases how to handle a file on its MIME type rather than file extension (More secure and reliable... or it would be if server admins weren't inept) if the server isn't setup right, then you don't get the download dialog, but rather it just loads it as a text based file.

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