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Downloading Problem



Hey guys I am having trouble with my downloads. Well here the deal... I decide I want to download something..Just a small zip file. When I download it I then go to extract the files... It says no files to extract. So im like WTF.. So I try to open in, and it says "The compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted." It only does this sometimes. It sometimes works fine then out of the blue it gives me these errors even from files I have downloaded before. Usually a restart of the comp will work but I can't just restart my comp anytime. Even after I restart it starts not working again, after I download something. Can somebody PLEASE help me this is really getting annoying :(
Make sure you are actually downloading the file and not the hypertext pointer to it.

:eek: I mess up sometimes and get the pointer...

PS If the zip program was corrupted it would fial all the time.

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