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Im having trouble Downloading anything with IE6 and Firefox. When ever i start a download it goes fine for first second, then boggs out and drops to about .5KB/s. I'm using Cable internet and when downloading with Bittorrent I still get max download speeds, but for some reason i just cant download off websites any tips on fixing this?


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Well if u got cable that already slows everything down. Then Firefox takes a lot of RAM and CPU. What I think is to go to exploreer and download Dillo and try what u r downloading from there.

Dillo is a web browser also.

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digima$ter said:
Well if u got cable that already slows everything down. Then Firefox takes a lot of RAM and CPU. What I think is to go to exploreer and download Dillo and try what u r downloading from there.

Dillo is a web browser also.
His torrents download fast so obviously him having a cable connection isn't the problem. Firefox is, in my opinion, one of the best browsers and does not take alot of RAM or CPU. Like any other program it all depends on what's its doing (playing embedded video, etc.). This could simply be a setting problem.

Does your bittorrent client specify it's speed in kbps or KBps? And yes there is a difference (bits compared to bytes). Firefox and IE show it's speed in KBps.


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Yeah it shows it in KBps i get anywhere from 600KBps to 50KBps depending on how many seeders there are. Switching to Dillo didnt solve the problem either, so back to the drawing boards...

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Ya I was thinking the same thing (while torrent running) would choke out the connection.

I wonder too if it is just the servers you are trying to download from.

Try SP2 download and see what happens.


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Nope no other downloads are running i even tried closing out Firefox's page so only the download UI was still up and nothing. Well I tried downloading from ATI's site to update my graphics card i got yesterday and it wouldnt work so i checked and same problems with them too.... I'll try the SP2 download you posted. It started at 200KBps then stalled for few seconds dropped to 30 stalled for few more seconds then dropped to 14 then to 6. Odd the download for SP2 seems to be slowly raising back up well nvm stalled at 7.5KBps now and dropped back down.


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Fenris said:
Nope no other downloads are running i
Make sure that the bittorrent is not running in background. Check under task manager processes.

If you are file sharing your upload rate has an even more devastating effect on speed than concurrent downloads.

And as always. Run an antivirus and spyware scans. Tho if that were the trouble I would expect the torrents to be slow also.


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Yeah i keep AVG uptodate and running all the time and i use ADaware and they didnt catch anything. BT wasnt running in the background so that wasnt the problem ill check a speed test see what the results are


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If you want to see what is hogging your internet connection, as it appears to be working since your torrent downloads are coming down ok, try netlimiter...

That will give a breakdown of what applications are using your internet connection. Also, check in the task manager just incase something else is sucking CPU/RAM useage.


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Ok this is strange i went to the netlimiter site and downloaded the program and it downloaded fine seems today its working perfect. Netlimiter is a cool little program though im going to keep it up i always wonder whats using my connection some times. Maybe it was just the weather that was affecting my downloads it has been raining a lot this past week maybe some down lines comcast had to repair so was getting bottle necked somewhere with everyone else.
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jcim05 said:
netlimiter is a really cool program. i never knew i had such crap choking my internet connection
It is a great program, it does a good job of benchmarking your network utilization.

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