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downloadin streaming videoo

i downloaded these programs that are suppose to download streamin videos but then they ask for the URL which i don't have (uses java popup) so that kinda defeats the purpose of what im tryin to do...so does any1 know how to download streamin video from a small external pop up window player??

exampleeee <--- click on a video icon next to one of the songs....


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The various programs I've used to download streaming video have always worked to some degree. The problem, as you mention, is finding the right URL.

Site owners are coming up with better and better ways to counter people taking streaming content from their site and downloading them locally. They can use such methods such as javascript popup windows, embedded links, windows media redirects, session based URL's, etc..

From my experience, I have always been able to find the true URL.. some sites have been harder than others. The dynamic session based URL's are a pain in the a** to figure out.. but I did finally manage to crack that one.

While, at the moment, I can't view the site you give as an example (my corporate internet filtering software is choosing to block that at the moment) I can give you some general direction and guidance.

If it is popping open a window, why not just look at the source for the popup window. In the source, should be a link to video. You can try to take that link and use it in your program that you are using.

Try looking at this tread too which may or may not help..

If you need more specific help, I would probably need more info since I can't get to the site right now. Or, you can wait until I get home and if I remember at home to come back to this thread, I can look at the example link and give you more info.



Woah.. I'm still here?
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prodj88 said:
fitz u there
The short answer is.. no. I went away for the weekend to a place with little electricity and even less access to any sort of network (let alone the internet).

But I'm back.. and I'm glad to see that you managed to pull it down.

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