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Download the updates without windows update!


High On Life!
hey guys, there was a site i forgot that cataloged the updates that come out, and i wanted to get the 13 updates that came out and save them on to my usb, cuz every time i format or fix a persons computer downloading them would take to long, and its so annoying going to the microsoft site, and searching for the bulletin number, and it didnt even find some of the updates, so plz if anyone knows a better way or a site that has them availible to download thanks in advance :)


High On Life!
thanks so much dude, i thought autopatcher doesnt do what i want, ill reply when i find out if it did what i want, which im pretty sure it does, thanks!


High On Life!
k im downloading the full version now, and the feburary update, why is it so huge though its 120mb i thought it would be like 1 or 2 mb, do i not need the full if i have sp2?


Political User
i do not use it myself, i saw it recently.. had to dig up the article.
at the time it sounded useful.

i suppose it would download every update and then do marginal updating?

good luck


High On Life!
no the updates are already inside it, it didnt download anything, and wow, its really up to date, because it had the msn messenger update that was out yesterday or the day before

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