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you hear of them everyday, people say they work, people say they dont but i dont think ive had a good answer thats finalized my oppion on them..

I'm talking about those programs that are supposed to boost your internet connection.

does any1 know of any that ACTUALLY work, and has actually worked for you, if so what kinda results did you get from it? what was your usual rate for downloading before u used it, and after u started using it, how much did it increase?


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Ok, through the past, my experience of Internet Boosting Software hasnt really helped me at all apart from using the little extra Resources required to run the software itself. If i had to give an opinion, i would say that the free and none program component was Netsetter which is now called MarketScore for some reason.. It can be found at www.marketscore.com

<<<<This is what it does:>>>>

Faster connection to websites:

When you request a particular website, your browser must fetch an Internet (IP) address for that site. You will notice a message at the bottom of your page saying ' looking for website www.____'/. Normally, this can take a few valuable seconds before the address is found and your request is actually routed to the website. But with Marketscore, these addresses are stored in memory for sites already visited by other Marketscore members. By eliminating the address search your wait time is reduced.

Quicker web page downloads:

Using state-of-the-art data compression that goes well beyond that of a standard modem, Marketscore reduces the sheer volume of bits and bytes that are actually transmitted down to your machine.

Less time fetching static web pages and images:

Using caching techniques typically available to large businesses, Marketscore saves static content and images -- that is, content that doesn't change very often -- on local storage media. Therefore, when a request is received for that content, it is immediately downloaded, avoiding the delay of sending the request to the original website.

Improved response time:

Marketscore maintains high availability servers that instantly respond to your requests, rather than putting them in waiting queues as some overloaded web servers do. In addition, Marketscore optimizes connection settings to reduce delays due to communication "overhead."

I used to have Netsetter/Marketscore before it was renamed to Marketscore and i was pleased with what it did. I dont know what its like now but let me know what you think of it.

Hope this helps

Sincerly Alex :cool:

**<edit>** - Congratulations to me, this is my 500th Post :D

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