Download speed faster when using media player?


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26 Jan 2008
Does anyone else's computer download anything faster while media player is open?
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post has been moved.. assuming you are running a windows box.. and some more info as to what you are asking/wanting might be helpful :)
No, this could only happen if your min window receive size is set too large.

Download and use cablenut Use the settings file for the closest internet connection you have and read the readme file. Reboot.
Actually it may seem faster as this forces the OS to use the high res timer. When media player is open or a Macromedia SWF file is open in Internet Explorer the OS switches to the high-resolution timer. Running media player in the background is one of the ways game server ops get more FPS from their servers (theoretically up to 1000 FPS).

Aas far as tweaking setting I feel the TCP Optimizer is better than Cablenut as you can set things based on your connection speed.

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