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i have been using download mage for about a year now and i like it but it seems they are no longer supporting it. are there are others like it or better than it?

I have always used Freshdownload, I was very pleased with it. The reason I don't use it anymore, is because Firebird/Fox comes with an integrated d/l manager.
the download manager doesn't have "que" in the mozilla browser as far as I know...que is a very important can set up like a hundred downloads at a time, and set how many can download at once

I set mine to download one at a time, so I still have bandwidth to serf

everyone that I know that tried star downloader stayed with it

I set up my firefox to use star instead of the native manager
I use flashget as well... make sure you get a decent pop-up blocker if you use the free version of it though..
there are no pop ups, adds of any kind with the free version of star
~bk said:
Are download managers good?

For very large files on a relatively slow connection, yes.
I haven't found the need to use one in quite a while.
Flashget 1.1 is the best. You can tweak it so that you can get upto 30 connections per download. :)
Flashget 1.5 Final is the best one ever !! :D
I used getright when on dial-up, now on broadband don't really need it.

After Version 4.5d it got poor. Crashes constantly, don't fully download, needs a reg patch for my server, well I tried some other managers, they're either got spyware or if free try to copy other dl managers. I will stick with getright as I payed for a lifetime licence, like all registered users.

I think Go!zilla is better.

My top 5 are

1) Go!zilla (Registered)
2) Get-right
3) Accelerator +
4) Star downloader
=5) Mozilla and Opera dl managers.
wget is the don. Has been ported to every platform under the sun, so you never need to change whatever you're using :) Most people are scared off by the command line though.

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