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Download mail from different WinXP users at the same time



I wonder if there is a way to download the mail from different users at once, with only one connection to the internet; I mean, if there are different users who can log in WinXP, with different customized email programs (Outlook & Outlook Express), is there a way to send and receive ALL mails from ALL users at once, when somebody connects to the Internet?
Thank you; I hope I'm not asking for too much :)


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In Outlook Express, just add more than one account. Create a account, use the same server, and just enter the different username and password :)



I meant, what I want is not many accounts for the same winXP user, but to receive and send the messages of every user in winXP (logged in or not) at once, independently of his/her email client... I hope I've explained myself :-!


Same question

Im in the same situation.
Two people, Two XP logins, but we want to use and see the same e-mails.
Right now, the one who reads the e-mails first sees it , and the other one, even if he has the same e-mail, doesnt.
I tried to tell Outlook to put the e-mails in a shared folder (like Shared e-mails), but Xp doesnt like that, when i reboot, the user that isnt the administrator connot log in anymore...
Any ideas anyone???

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