Doubled my RAM, any tips ?


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4 Mar 2002
ok, just got a 2nd stick of corsair XMS for my AMD & Asus rig, so its 1gb now, its a A7V8X so no duel channel DDR for me this time round.

anyway, on 1st boot i got BSOD about 2 mins into runtime, i put this down to running on the turbo omg im about to blow up at warp 9 setting, so i backed the timings off and rebooted. (was a 0x0a stop code, pointing at either faulty ram, ie 2 sticks at fastest timings, or a corrupt pagefile. now i had my page file manually set to 1.5 gb from b4, and i remember seing posts about deleting the page file after adding new ram. so i made the PF 0mb, rebooted, and clicked auto sizing from the options.
XP decided i need a 1.5gb page file with 1gb of ram. my commit charge never seems to go above 256mb with a limit of 2.5 gb (perfect sizing mr xp ;))

i know i could set a 2.5gb page file or leave windows to sort it, but its a pain in the ass when ur gaming and xp decided to enlarge the pagefile.

i managed to get the ram timings back to

In-Order Queue Depth 4
CAS Latency 2T
RAS To CAS Delay 2T
RAS Precharge 2T
RAS Active Time 6T

so im happy with the timings. 100% stable.

basically after all that, has anyone got any more memory tips they think i should take advantage of ?
If your running Nforce 2 set your RAS Active Time to 11T, its a (great) quirk of these boards.

Slower? Nope - its quicker, kinda like reading a book, when its set low (6), its like flicking the page reading half of it and then having the page flicked for you too quickly, so you have to manually flick the page back and it takes longer.

If your not running NForce 2 - im not so confident though, i havent seen any results of doing this on non Nforce 2 boards.
In-Order Queue Depth 4 (auto 2 or 4)
CAS Latency 2T (2 or 2.5)
RAS To CAS Delay 2T (2 or 3)
RAS Precharge 2T (2 or 3)
RAS Active Time 6T (6 or 7)

all me ram timings are set the the most aggresive the board will run, and all at 100% stability. i was wondering about other tweaks in xp itself, hence the forum i posted in :)

i already ran the tweak to stop the paging file executive thingy to 1 to stop offloading to paging file.

wondering about striping my page file now to allow games to load faster. ( 5 hard d rives in here)
With 1 GB of ram and an average commit charge of 256 MB XP likely won't use the pagefile very much at all.
So not much tweaking you can do in this area. Just leave XP do its thing.
For best performance you could move the pagefile to another drive, preferably on another controller, not in a separate partition but on the most used partition on the least used drive. However as said above unlikely you'll notice a difference.

(Btw that disabling paging executive tweak you tried only keeps unused code of the kernel in memory nothing else. It won't prevent other paging.)
yes enyo, the PF is already running off it's own drive on a seperate controller, and i play the BF1942 desertcombat mod. my pooter uses about 256 of the gb in normal use, if i load desertcombat, the PF jumps to 650mb and i got about 16mb of free ram left, yes it's a huge badly compiled beta, but a kick ass mod :)

(hence me thinking about striping the PF over 3 slave drives i have)
When you say PF jumps to 650 MB do you refer to that window in Taskmanager headed PF usage?

That is just the commit charge once more not really the pagefile.

Btw I am not enyo ;)
cool thanks m8, like the namechange enyo *runs*

(sorry m8 early morning ;))

desertcombat is a memory hog, its the sheer size of the maps that does it i think. normal battlefield is fine.

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