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Doubled my bandwidth :)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Ok, still only ADSL but decided to lay out the extra to go from 512k to 1M...

sooooo would anyone care to post some linkies for me to enjoy the extra fatness of my download pipe?

(and like I said in IRC, no pr0n of course, there are guidelines here ;) )
My ISP increased both my upload and download speed by 50% last night, bringing me to 3mbit (384 KB) down and 576 kbit (72 KB) up :D.
I was downloading last night at around 2 am when suddenly my internet popped out. When trying to renew my IP address (I use DHCP to connect to my ISP), I got this strange address of'ish. But 45 mins later I got my normal IP back (semi-static :D). Then I noticed BitComet uploading at 70 KB/s, the I quickly went to speedtest.nl and I saw my new up/down speeds!
Then to think I started at 512/64 2 years ago with the same subscription... :p


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
LOL Glaanie did not get it at all!

But thankyou Glaanie - you have reminded me I want to burn some of those isos for my old 333 MHZ box to play around with when I find somewhere to put it that I can (just run out of desk space with three machines and a laptop :eek:)

[edit] console yourself with the knowledge you have a cooler mouse than me, for now, EP :p [/edit]

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Started with 512 (IP - 64K/s)/128 (IP - 16K/s) two years ago, 2-3 leaps ahead later, I'm now 6347 (IP - ~800Ko/s)/ 667 (IP - 83Ko/s).
I give the IP synchronizing rate, multiply by 1.2 to get the ATM rate (i.e: 6347 IP = 7616 ATM) which is what my modem tells me it's synchronizing at.
For the same price: 29.99€ (36.93$, 20.51£).


I may actually be insane.
Electronic Punk said:

Ah well, I will get my 2meg in February
(when downloads have been made illegal and caps are set at 300 meg a month ... maybe)
300mb? You'll be lucky if BT have their way! :p


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
i got my speed boooooooooooooooooooooooost as well:

Downstream Rate: 1152 Kbps
Upstream Rate: 288 Kbps

:D all for the same price each month ;)

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