double power failure and now user wont work??


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25 Apr 2002
a friend of mine just experienced two power failures in his house, one following the other. he was using his pc, so naturally it turned off. since there were two failures, the pc went off, started to boot, went off again and started to boot again. he let it boot and then went into his normal user, but now nothing works. the pc boots normally into the user, loads antivirus, network connections, etc but then it keeps looking as if it were loading something but nothing is happening. if he tries to access "my pc" it wont work, and accessing folders makes the system hang, with only the mouse showing any signs of life.

any ideas on what this freaky thing may be?

A computer can get screwed if it turns on and off repeatedly. Hmm... by saying "nothing" works, do you mean that you cannot do ANYTHING at all. Can you run any programs?
cycling power to his system like that could have corrupted something. he could try using "sfc /now" from command line and it'll check system files. I would also suggest everyone that likes there pc to get a UPS (un-interrupted power supply) ... make sure it filters power keeping it at a constant level though, not just one w/ a battery :)
Since it partially loads windows and the app's it sounds like a corrupted program (or a driver the app uses). Two options both involve booting into safe mode (hit F8 after bios but before windows loads). You can select the safe mode option to reload the last good configuration (easy) or use safe mode to step through the start-up programs one at a time. Try the Reload last good one first (I'm lazy and it's less work).

First just boot into safe mode with networking. Make sure that much works ok.

Then reboot and this time select the boot option that lets you load the Start Up applications one at a time. Do that and see which one makes things hang. Once found remove it from Start Up and then reload the application and it's drivers.

PS Same thing has happened to me. I now keep "restart after failure" turned OFF.

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