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DOS Games in Win XP



:confused: :confused:

Does anyone know how you can get DOS games to run in Win XP, games such as Quake, Doom, etc., just plain good ole DOS games?

Only thing I can think of would be to have 3 OS's 1- DOS, 2- Win 98 SE, and 3- Win XP, which would be a pain to set up and use.

I've tried the Program Compatibility Wizard, but they still won't work. Also Quake II the 2 expansion packs (#1 & #2) will not install on XP (says they encountered an error), but they will on 98?

I'm running:

Win XP w/all updates
Abit KA7-100 w/latest BIOS
AMD Slot A 950mhz
768 MB RAM
ATI Radeon 8500 w/latest drivers & updates
SB X-Gamer 5.1 w/latest drivers & updates

Anyone?? Help!

:confused: :confused:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I had a problem with quake 2. It refused to load at setup. Something about being the wrong operating system. At the time I was dual booting with winME & quake was loaded using ME to a logical partition. I collected all the shorcuts for quake in ME & copied them to the logical partition. Rebooted into xp, clicked on the copied shorcut & away it went, no problems.
I then burnt the installed quake folder along with the shortcuts, reformated & put the folder onto xp. Works like a dream.


had the same problem with Quake 2, used the compatibility mode on the q2 setup under windows 2000 installed fine! done the same with the short cut when it was installed and works perfect!

War Priest

played sub sim, doom, and wolfenstien with no prob to the point I forgot there may be one.
I also keep my system completley up to date and check for updates no less than every 2 days. I also look up the game (google it ) for any possible problems before installing. That includes the winxp site and oem site.:eek:

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