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Doom3 Gfx Problem


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Hi all I decided to go ahead and buy doom3 on tuesday but since then I have been frustrated with it.
The problem is this when ever i set the graphics setting to higher than id's recommended all the text in the menus, and PDA for example blurs. Despite this the game runs smooth and perfect but the text is barely readable.
Can anyone please help?
Using and ATI 9800, 3200+ amd, 1gig of ddr 400 ram and the catalysts 4.8s.

(Also I have unpacked all my .pak as the other thread recommends and tried the other tweaks aswell but they did not help)


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Consider this thread closed, solved my own problem.
Simpley got to your gfx card control panel and changed the open gl settings from "performance" to quality or high quality.
Hope this may help some others :)


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high quality is recommended with application preference for AF and AA...

you will incur a smaller hit on AF in-game than with AF set by the control panel simply because of the way ID makes calls v/s how ati uses AF for the full scene...


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quality if you can...

performance fudges up the text in various areas of the game... most noticeably the game menu

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