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Doom 3 Scared Sh*tless

Yet again another doom 3 post but this is a bit different. Now some of you guys might think i am a chicken. But Doom 3 scares the poop out of me. Now i am no small little wimp. I am 17, 6' 5'' and i weigh 275 lbs. I dont think i have been scared like i have been from getting sience i was about 11. I wait to play doom 3 at 3:00 am in the morning with no lights and headphones on. I just recently got a bit deeper in the game and i am turely scared. I jump at ever noise. There was this one part when i herd a girl say follow me. I could of went left where the girl was talking or straight where i was suppose to go. But i followed the girls voice. And she supprised me and wisped save me. And i was scared becasue i thought it was outside the game so i took off my headphones and looked around and didnt see anything. So i kept going and the screen turned red then the most scarey cry of my life i herd, soon after that I quickley shut off the game and i am posting this. Well i played for about 5 mins and i am so scared i dont wanna play again. I dont know if i am going crazy and hearing stuff or if its in the game, that how good the sound quality is. Oh ya, yesterday i was playing and i was into the game and my friend came over and i didnt hear him come in. I was in a really scary part the i first see that william guy, where in like the worship room and he friend pulles on the back of my shirt and i almost pissed my pants. Am i a chicken or do you people play late night like me and get scared sh*tless. Let me hear your doom 3 stories. Lets hope i am not alone.

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longest. paragraph. ever. :)

You just need a family member to walk in wearing a scream mask and I think that should tip you over the edge.


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I've had a few close 'shat my pants' encounters with Doom 3. Scariest I've been with a game would have to be when I played Resident Evil 2 for Playstation. I was a few years younger, but damn, that had me jumping off my chair.


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yeah, ive had those experiences, curtesy of my annoying younger sister, lol.
while playing the Silent Hill 2 and 3 for pc, i was playing with my cousin, no lights, surround sound to the max late at night and door closed. we were really into the game, getting freaked out with every little sound and suddenly my sister opens the door quickly and yells out 'DANGER!!!!!'. she scared us ****less....and it happened more than once :D

lol, another one, while playing The Suffering, i was playing in the morning, at around 10 or 11. my mom was vacuuming, so she came into my room and startled me a bit. she kept vacuuming (and the noise was VERY noticeable) and then she tapped my arm and i jumped a bit. ive no freakin clue on how much i was into the game, to have been scared KNOWING she was there, lol.

as for Doom 3...ive been scared too, especially when playing on 4.1 late at night in the dark. not as much as SH or TS, but pretty close. i think Doom gives me more chills rather than scares...
People in my home keep 'sneaking up on me' and scaring me out of my skin.

The game was much scarier in the beginning when all I had was a rather small arsenal and the environments are human looking. My confidence jumped tenfold when I got the plasma rifle, although now that I'm farther in there is not much in the game that can stand up to a few shells from my shotgun at close range especially now I've figured out how to dodge most attacks from enemies.

The scarriest monster for me has been the new 'pinkies'.

The most annoying enemies for me have been the ‘lost souls’ and those damnable ‘flying babies’ both of which get me almost everytime if I don’t have a SMG out.
I sold a copy of doom 3 to my brother and he just walked in my room. He said there was a guy on the ground and my brother looked at him and the guy opend his eyes and my brother had to change his underwear becasue he pooped himself. No lie.


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lmao, your poor bro audioslayer :D
i got to the last level today, but didnt finish it...and i must say, scary-wise, it wasnt as i thought it would be (since i read so many hyped up reviews and stuff)


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Doom III, yeah it has me on edge at times. It's when its starts getting twisted with all the pentagrams and what not that gets me o_O;; lol. Even the old school doom used to get me the same way. But nonetheless pretty good game.


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I don't know if any of you remember the game Phantasmigoria (sp?), but it gave me nightmares for a couple of days.

The first ID game, Wolfenstein, I played made me jump. My room mate came through the front door while I had my headphones on and I fell off the chair as one of the characters pelted me with a huge machine gun. I'm going out to get Doom 3 tomorrow.
I dunno I'm only 1/2 an hour or so in, and the Imps have given me a couple of frights, jumping out from dark corners and stuff. Haven't really been scared as such yet, hopefully it gets to the point when you're scared to look round a corner, cos that would be really awesome.


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I finished it a little while ago today and am going back through it playing with a chainsaw and GOD mode :D

its a bit less atmospheric this way but it ROCKS with the chainsaw in full-chopping mode..


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heh... NOTHING stands in the way of a chain-saw :cool:

its gotta be the 3rd most powerful weapon in the game but by far the most cool :D
Well i post once again, my brother came in my room a few hours after i posted about the poop. He had threw up all over him self. He said he was playing doom 3 and he got so scared he threw up, he is 13. I would not recommed this game unles yr 18 or older. It is very scary.

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