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Doom 3 - Now Gold?


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What's this then.....???

Could it be fake? The only suspect thing i can see is that 6 CDs...would they all actually fit in that case?


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Don't doubt it for a second. Many pieces of recent news and interviews with ID indicate the game was virtually complete and just needed a bit of a polish.

Accompanied with stores mysteriously, and simultaneously, changing their sites to state "Ships on 08/03/2004". It would suggest we get to lay our hands on it quite soon (Unless you own a Mac, because that version will be released "later" :rolleyes: )


I may actually be insane.
Bah, the pic you posted has apparently been declared fake. However this one is real (unless proven otherwise of course, heh)



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And still is............. I didn't really get into computers until I was introduced to DOOM, so this is pretty big, not only for me, but lots of gamers, especially the devoted FPS'rs. :cool:


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The pic you posted Dave, has just been ruled fake by the Gamespot Rumor Control.

"RUMOR #1: Doom 3 has gone gold and will ship August 3.

Source: A scan (pictured) that surfaced in the GameSpot Forums and a GameStop.com listing.

The official story: Activision would neither confirm nor deny the scan's authenticity, but did say authoritatively that "id Software has made no announcement that Doom 3 has gone gold." Twice.

What we heard: When the scan surfaced at the end of the week, gamers who've waited years for the shooter pounced on it like a pack of information-starved hyenas. It appears to be of a promotional one-sheet like the kind sent to retailers before a game's release, outlining a massive six-month publicity campaign via every means of communication this side of semaphore flags. But the header is what got most gamers' attention. Playing on developer id Software's infamously vague release date, it proudly proclaims, "We said it would be out when it's done...it's done!" Despite the seeming irrefutability of that statement, a closer look at the one-sheet shows it's missing one crucial bit of information--the ship date. Nowhere on the sheet does a specific day, month, quarter, or year appear--other than the May 2003 quote from Wired. (Yes, we've been waiting that long.) Since these materials are often printed months in advance, it's likely Activision has them stockpiled, ready to be shipped out the minute the wizards of id finally hand over that precious gold master. However, the GameStop.com listing is a bit harder to dismiss, since it is linked to from its home page and trumpets "Official launch date of August 3rd, 2004 confirmed!" When presented with this bit of information, an Activision rep first said "I had not seen that," before repeating the aforementioned denial, albeit with a slightly less convincing tone.

Bogus or not bogus?: If you're half as sick about hearing about this game as this reporter is writing about it, then I'm twice as sick as you. Probably bogus. "
Who ****ing knows...nothing seems to come out the date they tell us anymore...except Halo 2 :p


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halo 2 might get delayed as well. if it don't, who cares, Halo 2 to me looks exactly the same as the original, with some very MINOR skin upgrades. I'm waitin for Half-Life 2, which will probably be out sometime in september. seems like a better game than Doom 3 to me. *waits for the flameage to start*


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ElementalDragon said:
halo 2 might get delayed as well. if it don't, who cares, Halo 2 to me looks exactly the same as the original, with some very MINOR skin upgrades. I'm waitin for Half-Life 2, which will probably be out sometime in september. seems like a better game than Doom 3 to me. *waits for the flameage to start*
I think you are blind.

Just playing. Well everyone is going to have a different favorite game, I didn't want to turn this thread into a Game A is better than Game B thread...the mention of Halo 2 was merely in jest. Lets get back on topic now, which would be Doom 3 and it's release date. :D


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I can hadly wait for Doom 3 and HL2. Just hope my setup is capable of running it smoothly when it's released, otherwise I might have to pick up a nice graphics card.

Not the best excuse for one, but at least it's better than buying an XBox just for Halo 2 :)


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PC Gamer have all but confirmed they will have an exclusive review of Doom 3 next month, thye only review games when they are finished so August is a safe bet

One hell of a secret exclusive
hell= Doom methinks :)


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The other question is if that if the screenshot was true (confirmed at gamespot to be fake) why not release the game on DVD rather than 6 CDs? as that maybe a teeny bit much of CD swapping for most people (Apart from Baldurs Gate 2 that had about 4 I seem to remember)

Doom was quite large although you could download it off Compuserve at the time (yes, that old BB system). Doom ][ Came out on a CD itself. Its not surprising Doom ]|[ is even larger.

I looking forward to both Doom ]|[ and HL-][ myself.

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The UK release will be DVD, so I am sure there will be both floating around like farcry and UT2004.

I got Doom2 from Compuserve, free guide and hat!! woo!

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