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Don't forget to activate Windows on your ATM's


sh! it stinks
In Amsterdam I travel always by streetcar (tram). In the newer ones they have put in tv screens that show commercials (ofcourse) and local news. Most of the time these tv screens show windows errors though... I'll take a picture of it next time and post it here to.

Would be a nice idea to start a thread about windows errors and messages on the funniest places (with pictures of it to prove it)


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It totally surprises me that they would use windows on a ATM machine. Wouldn't you think you would use a more secure and stable (over the long run) OS? If not some proprietary OS with the basic functions required to do its job.

Funny Though :p


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OS2 was EXTREMELY stable.

I've seen more and more machines pop up with Windows XP on them, the Fry's self-checkout counter uses them as well, and they had an error message up as well when the screen's touch display was not properly plugged in, missing hardware. Also, when you get there at 0500 they are booting em into Windows XP.


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I had windows 95 stripped down version run non stop for over 5 months on a daily work computer. The only reason it went off was from a power loss.

Anything is stable unless you are beating it to death or have ****ty apps.


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That windows 95 box was a move to new hardware. No new installation, I just went berzerker on the registry and system files. I was a 233Mhz P2 box (HP branded) and it became a 550 K6-2 and Rage card box. It was beautiful to behold.

But yar, Windowz ME sucked bawlz untill you stripped it of all the excess crap.

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