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domain server login problem



i have a problem with logging in to our domain using windows xp...

i tried logging in to our domain thru my windows xp by clicking
'my computer' then
'system properties' then
'join a domain, click change'
i chose 'member of domain' and put the domain name there...
typed in my username and password
i get this error message 'access denied'

i tried using windows 98 machine and login to the same domain using the same username and password - ok..

did i miss something??? pls advise.

note: i also tried to manually put the ip address of the dns in my tcp/ip to no avail.


There is a difference between logging into a domain and joining a domain.

When you login to the domain, you send your username and password to a central server, it authenticates you, sends your policy restrictions, then logs you into the machine.

Joining a domain is the process in which you take a computer that is not listed on the domain and add it to the domain. For example, you Windows XP operates on workgroup or no networking and you wish to use it on your domain. Now, there are two possible problems in which you are facing:

1. You system administrator uses the default domain addition policy, in which a standard non administrator user can add up to 10 computers to a domain and you have already joined 10 computers to a domain

2. Your system administrator has denied all domain additions to non administrators, in which you would fall into.

Ask your administrator to add the machine to the domain for you. Once it is added, you will be able to login to the domain using that machine by typing in your username and password.

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