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Domain Names

If you want to start a website a domain name is a good idea. But an "ordinary home user" won't have much use for it except to have his/her email addresses on.


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Thanks for the replies. Is it possible to register a Domain name for life, for a one off fee? Most of the sites that I have looked at only seem to register for a couple of years at a time.

I am concerned that they may start cheap, to get you interested, then, when you come to re-new, put the price up knowing that you have probably got all your e-mails etc publicised in that Domain name, and would not be likely to want to let it drop.
No you always pay per year and for some domains per two years. The prices are set by InterNIC afaik, but they can vary if they are part of a package (web, mail and so on).

Also think about if you want just the domain, or some server space tied to the domain. And for the latter, what type of server space (web, mail and so on).

To avoid getting ripped off you should go with recommended places. I'm sure some people here have a good idea which to choose and which to avoid.


I may actually be insane.
I bought my domain from http://www.ukreg.com it's a uk based company and my .co.uk cost me (including vat) around £7 for 2 years, and it will be auto-renewed when it expires.
UKReg will let you transfer the dns of the domain as you wish to that you can apply it to your hosting/wherever, as default the domain is set as a forwarder and you also get mail forwaders :)


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Speedy_B, do you find UK Reg reliable and helpful. I note that they do not have telephone support. Do you use the Free Services, and if so are they easy to configure?
Well... my domain name serves many purposes. Other than housing my website www.childrenofchaos.com (under construction.. I've only spent 10 mins on it) I have a static IP at home that when a user uses something.childrenofchaos.com it automatically forwards to my home IP making it easier to remember for online gaming. $20 for a year. Why not? I also have my mail setup there and the service I use also allows for webmail ( webmail.childrenofchaos.com ) The many uses make it worth the $20 I paid for the domain. Let me just point out though, I pay for services to allow for most of what I have described. It's not a lot, but it's not free.


I may actually be insane.
Speedy_B, do you find UK Reg reliable and helpful. I note that they do not have telephone support. Do you use the Free Services, and if so are they easy to configure?
Reliable, very, the domain forwarder has more uptime than my actual hosting :p

helpful, never had to ask for help, its all so simple, I've never had to ask for any kind of support at all

and yes, i use the services, VERY easy to configure, just goto yourdomain/siteadmin and login.

So yeah, easy and reliable, but i've never had to ask for support, which is a good thing :)


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Thanks SpeedyB. I have registered with them, just one other thing I wanted to ask you. When you configure Domains under the Free Options, do you find that on clicking Submit Changes the page remains open, and there appears to be no log off option?


I may actually be insane.
Yes, but as its a server side login and not a PHP/Cookie/Javascript (like on this site) your password isn't remembered, and you will always be prompted for it.


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Thanks for that. I was concerned that it wasn't updating and was remaining open.

I was surprised to find that they allow forwarding to more than one web site.

There was one problem with that though. I configured it to a Homepage that I had on my ISP Server. The page contained a link to this site, but it is impossible to post from it. The option to log in appears, and it thanks you for logging in, but when you post it just tells you that you have not signed in. I've put it back to the ISP Page Settings

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