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Domain group policy login script not applying


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Hey guys

I just spent a frustrating morning implementing a group policy to apply a login script to a domain (in order to map a drive, but what it is for is irrelevant).

This went fine and worked throughout the domain - with the exception of one machine. This machine is online and joined to the domain, but will not apply the login script - it is not a user rights issue (in fact I have made them all administrators here) and as a last resort I tried renaming the machine to rejoin the domain, but that made no difference.

Any ideas here? They can live with the situation, btu little things like this bug me and I like to resolve them if I can.


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OK two things -

1 - you don't need to apply a login script through a policy, but you can. You can add it to their profile in AD and have it stored in the %SystemRoot%\sysvol\sysvol\<domain DNS name>\scripts share.

2 - Go to the PC in question and type "gpresult" from a CMD prompt, should give you some info about what it is/isn't inheriting.

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