Doing an economics paper on AMD


Jham Down
18 Jan 2004
I need 5 sources, can anyone reccomend any books. In terms of websites my college has subscriptions to all the major newspapers so i have access to all of them. I cant hink of any other sourse of information because all the info I need is on the net.
Standard and Poors Reports


Wall Street Journal

Lehman Brothers


You don't get company financial analysis from books. They take 18 months to get to market. By the time anyone reads them they are out of date and the company is bankrupt.

PS There is a $5 fee for doing your homework. Deposit it to the NTFS paypal acount or we will tell your professor you are cheating on homework assignments.
Much appreciated LeeJend, definately worth the $5.
I was just curious and its not that I am gonna post my hw here. ;)

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