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cmon guys its all in good fun!!

sorry, I took it out, forum guildlines states: no sexist remarks Iceman


as i said, all in good fun. Its just a stereotype that I heard about quite frequently... plz don't think im being serious...


Police say they still aren't sure what happened.

Two other accidents also happened yesterday, one was fatal. I drove by two the day before that. What the hell is going on!@#@!#
Heh, I've noticed an increase in tourists lately, hmmm..


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Originally posted by WuGgaRoO
as i said, all in good fun. Its just a stereotype that I heard about quite frequently... plz don't think im being serious...
Heh, there wouldn't be :D and :p if I thought you were serious. I'm just joking around :)
Originally posted by Infekt
Was anyone hurt in this Walmart accident?
Krom, said nobody was seriously wounded, but it looks like the green car got a little scratch in the front.

Nothing a little rubbing compound and a polishing cloth won't take out ;)

um.its a Chevy, not gmc........

i drive a tractor trailer for one job and have for 15 years and i can tell you its getting worse, people no longer driver their cars, pay attention, use their turn signals , dim their lights, are courtious....thats why theres more accidents people are only worried about their little world and don't care about others unless its in their favor. they will cut you off in a heartbeat but then expect you to be nice and let them in because they were not paying attention for their turn or merge.

no now its a challenge sport, what you dare pass me?, ill do 50 in the left lane so i can use the phone, wait to the very last second and cross 4 lanes to exit, everyone is more important than you, slowing down if you are behind them but panic and pass if you get around them so they can get in front and slow down again....i could go on for hours.......

i wish i had a camera with me all day i could show you hours and hours of ignorant goofy people why just last night i was told i was number one a couple times, one girl in her little sports car, who came across 8 lanes at a toll booth because she saw the truck lane had less vehicles in it that car lanes, the preceded to yell out her window and flip me off because my lights, which are 3 ft off the ground, were shinning into her car as we were sitting in line......... as we went down the road a mile this is the same twit i had to pass on the right because she had to shoot back to left lane to do 50........



See another reason why I drive both a truck and a SUV... I like to be on top not the bottom.... haha

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