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5 Apr 2002
TV reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman and two co-stars on his show were arrested Thursday in Hawaii on charges of illegal detention and conspiracy in the bounty hunters' capture three years ago of a cosmetics company heir.

Chapman, son Leland Chapman and associate Timothy Chapman were taken into custody and did not resist arrest, said Mark Hanohano, U.S. Marshal for the district of Hawaii. "It went down without incident," Hanohano said.

Mona K. Wood, a publicist for the star of the popular cable series "Dog The Bounty Hunter," said Chapman would be vindicated. "He arrests the bad guys — and he is definitely not one of them," she said.

The charges stem from Chapman's capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster on June 18, 2003, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, said Marshals spokeswoman Nikki Credic in Washington.

Chapman's capture of Luster, who had fled the country while on trial on charges he raped three women, catapulted the 53-year-old bounty hunter to fame and led to the reality series on A&E.

Chapman, shackled at his ankles and wearing a blue muscle T-shirt at his first court appearance Thursday, said the government was jealous of his success in hunting down criminals.

"You see what the American government is doing to us? They throw us in jail," Chapman said in a federal courtroom. "I'm so upset about this."

The three are being held in Honolulu. Bail has not been set. They will face an extradition hearing to Mexico under terms of treaties between the U.S. and Mexico, Credic said.

Chapman's son Leland, 29, and Timothy Chapman, 41, no relation, assist Chapman in exploits chronicled for the TV show around the Hawaiian Islands. The show focuses on Chapman's family as much as the bounty hunting, which generally involves tracking down bail jumpers, often creating emotional scenes with repentant captives.

Charges have been pending against the three since local police in Mexico arrested them shortly after they roped in Luster. They posted bail but never returned to Puerto Vallarta for their court hearing on July 15, 2003, Credic said.

Mexican authorities demanded that the Chapmans transfer Luster to Mexican police. Their refusal to do so led to their initial arrest.

A U.S. warrant for their arrest was signed by a federal judge in Honolulu on Wednesday.

Chapman's wife, Beth, said he didn't do anything wrong.

"If Duane has to return to Mexico to take care of any misunderstanding, then that's what he will do," she said outside the courthouse.

Source: Yahoo! News

Such BS. Here is a guy performing a service to this country by catching scum. He does something even the police can't do. And he has compassion after the fact and tries to help those that he catches.

Just because some rich piece of trash has the money and the backing (bribes I'm sure) he is able to go after Dog.

I personally love the show and what he does.
You get punished for doing the right thing if it crosses the wrong people. That's so stupid...I hope he wins this case big.
Furthermore, the Mexican government is pathetic.
Madmatt i totally agree, what bs..... but this is what this world is like.
Bounty Hunting is illegal in Mexico.

Don't worry, he'll get off. Condi will bail him out I think.
Bounty Hunting is illegal in Mexico.
is this true?

if it is, I'm wondering why anyone has a problem with mexico wanting to get him extradited.

the man is hunting criminals and breaking the law to do it, wht does anyone think he gets a pass?

if america wants mexico to extradite people that break our law, then we have to extradite people that break their law

I don't get the fuss...hey dog, dude, you broke the law now pay the price like you want everyone else

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ya, a fine and a warning not to break their law, he provides a good service and I don't think they'll jail him.

this will help his ratings and in the long run will be good for him
However, Dog had permission from the Mexican authorities to "bounty hunt". From what I gather, they changed their minds afterwards.
However, Dog had permission from the Mexican authorities to "bounty hunt". From what I gather, they changed their minds afterwards.

then why did they want him extradited?

did they rescinded the permission before he did it?...did they give him notice?...if not, they are morons
He didn't have permission at all - only the word of a local cop (which means jack)

Duane Chapman

Chapman was assisted by his "hunt team", consisting of Tim Chapman, and Duane's son Leland. The team was ordered by Mexican authorities to transfer Luster over to the Mexican police. When the hunt team refused, they were charged for breaking extradition laws. On July 3rd , they were officially declared fugitives by a spokesman for the Mexican Government, after they left Mexico without obtaining permission from the presiding judge.

Dog claimed that he had acted with the knowledge of a local police officer; however, Mexican authorities stopped Dog and then arrested him for refusing to hand Mr. Luster over into their custody. Dog and his associates spent several nights in jail, then posted bail in Mexico and immediately returned to the United States.

Just fine him and let him continue working legally as a bounty hunter in USA.

Dog's own speculations:

Chapman has speculated that his arrest was due in part to a possible prisoner exchange agreement between the Mexican and American authorities. According to Chapman, the federal agents 'sold him out', by trading him in for a convicted Mexican drug lord.

Don't know if I believe that, but anyways.... hearing is set for the 16th (This Thursday)
I thought I read he had permission, but you are right.

Regardless, it is CRAP.
There is talk that the individuals family, who he caught, paid the Mexican government to go after him. With how corrupt the Mexican government is, I tend to believe that. Especially since the biggest part of the revenue down there is from drugs trafficking ..
Interesting idea, but I don't think it happened.

Money doesn't buy everything, the rapist is in Cali serving 124 years.
Total and utter crap!

A federal court has cleared the way for TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman to be extradited to face charges in Mexico, court officials said.

Norma Jara, a spokeswoman for the second district court in Guadalajara, said the court rejected Chapman's injunction request, ruling there was no reason not to try him with the charge of deprivation of liberty of Mexico.

"We only just heard about the Mexican court's decision to continue with the extradition proceedings, and are still in shock," Chapman and his wife, Beth, said in a statement issued Thursday night in Honolulu.

"Our attorneys have not even been formally informed of the court's decision, as of yet," they said. "We are obviously deeply disappointed and fearful of what will happen, and are currently absorbing the news and discussing our options at this time."

Mexican authorities had already asked for Chapman's extradition from Hawaii.

Chapman's lawyers argued he would not be guaranteed a fair trial in Mexico, Jara said.

The charges against the 53-year-old star of the A&E reality series "Dog the Bounty Hunter" stem from his June 2003 capture of convicted rapist Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir, in Puerto Vallarta, 210 miles west of Guadalajara.

Chapman was arrested Sept. 14 along with his son and another associate and released on $300,000 bail. He faces up to four years in a Mexican jail if convicted.

Luster's capture shot the Honolulu-based bounty hunter to fame and led to the TV series. His disappearance set off an international manhunt by police, FBI and bounty hunters trying to recoup some of the bond money. Luster is serving a 124-year prison term.
Total crap. He will get nothing but unfair trials and convictions. Mexico is a bogus country ...
Unbelievable!!! the system sucks....
hmmmm so as long as he remains out of jail and does ot visit Mexico he remians a fugitive from their justice system. Am I missing something? inorder for him to be extradited he would have to violate the laws over here, and than they would go through the formal extradition.

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