Does you smoke da Ganja?



Originally posted by sazar99
btw avsdotcom...argie spanker? come on mate... you gotta look past and start aiming for the brazilians...

bolton for the title? I dunno... they got a bril stadium... BUT liverpool gonna win the title...

YNWA !!!
Can't stand Argentina, whereas Brazil i don't mind - hence Argie Spanker (after the spanking that they thoroughly deserved)

As for Bolton winning the title, I can't see that happening this season (or next for that matter) - but with the team big Sam's started to assemble (Djorkaef, Okocha,Tofting,Bulent,West,Ricketts,etc) I think we'll make a decent fist of it this time sround. I'm hoping mid table at least, but if I'm honest then 4th from bottom will do :D


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I could put up a Hundred Pages of Scientific tests and Medical tests and private testing that show the Medicinal properties of Marijuana. But this is a funzzies type of Thread. Sooooooo... :p


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;) Ounce a week !!!

said colt 45 and two zigzags baby thats all we need
we can go to the park, after dark
smoke that tumbleweed
as the marijuana burn we can take our turn
singin' them dirty rap songs
stop and hit the bong like cheech and chong
and sell tapes from here to hong kong
so roll, roll, roll my joint, pick out the seeds and stems
being high as hell flyin' through palmdale
skatin' on jaggy rims
so roll, roll, the '83 cadilaac coupe deville
if my tapes and my cds just don't sell, I bet my cabby will


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Hey TwoZigzagColt45, Looks like ya feel down after the first one. Heh heh. :p
Or was that cause the other guy wouldn't pass it to ya? :rolleyes:


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Damn Iceman, I didn't know ya hallucinated in Black 'n White? :p

I hallucinate in Color... Oh shi... there goes another one of them damn phsycodelic helicopters again... :rolleyes: :p


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thats just a pic I found on the web (mine are way bigger)
he he he
I haven't passed a spliff since I was teen 20 years ago :D now I Bogart every joint.

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